Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What I would(will) do differently....

I’ve already begun to make some changes as I begin my second year.

  • I’ve decided to build in structured time to stay on top of the logistics involved in running a business. 9 AM on Monday mornings didn’t work. (duh - am I really surprised by that???)

  • I’ll set up a process for new clients, so I can track whether I’ve opened a file or begun a project without forgetting any details.

  • I’ll revise the curriculum and materials for the long-term teacher training classes I’m running AND have them ready to go before the first class.

  • I’ll review and assess the format I use in other workshops, in order to model how one can teach to different learning styles.

  • I’ll look for a few other consultants here in the area to network with on a regular basis – for support, brainstorming, and collegiality.

  • I’ve updated and expanded my website to more accurately reflect "Morah Mary Consulting."

And I’ll remember to continue to engage in reflective practice!

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